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My computer finally decided to be nice for a little while
well..not my computer..the internet thing that lets you do this stuff.
Happy Holidays to everybody!
Hope your past few days have been good.
A not promote unless your promote us somewhere too!!!!..please provide a link if possiable.
Werlp. looks like my computer is going to get all poopy again.
\OH MY GOODNESS KACIE!!!! BRAD FUCKING KNOWS JIMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was the funnies thing....but..i have to go so, i shall tell you some other time.
oh yes. and when my mom was in school and she had that art thing that court has..people used to make bongs and pipes.
And did anyone know that on every 100 dollar bill that there is a trace of cocain on it?
Wo im smart..sometime.
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